Job vacancy

With our progress, we are looking for potential candidates to fulfil vacant positions as detail below:

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Job TlitleWork LocationHiringPosting DateClosing Date
Finance Manager Head Office 0112/Mar/201922/Mar/2019
Senoir Accountant Head Office 0112/Mar/201922/Mar/2019
Software Development Officer Head Office 0212/Mar/201922/Mar/2019
IT Audit Officer Head Office 0115/Apr/201522/Mar/2019
Loan Collection Officer Branches 0412/Mar/201929/Mar/2019
Volunteer Head Office 0312/Mar/201922/Mar/2019
Research and Product Development Unit Manager Head Office 0106/Mar/201915/Mar/2019
Marketing Unit Manager Head Office 0106/Mar/201915/Mar/2019
Accountant Branches 0304/Mar/201915/Mar/2019
Credit Officer All Branches 6204/Mar/201929/Mar/2019