Company Profile – FUNAN Microfinance PLC

Company Profile


Our loan portfolio USD 47 Million, 51 branches, 646 employees, 19,856 clients.

By today (End of 2018)—Funan is having 51 branches, 646 employees, 19,856 clients, and the loan outstanding were increased to USD 47 Million.


100% of shares acquired by​​ Cambodia Post Bank Plc.

On May 12, 2017, Funan organized an official shares transfer event attended from new and existing shareholders, authorities, staff and management, other national and international distinguished guests hold at City Hall, Koh Pich. During the year of acquisition in 2017, Funan Microfinance Plc. has been transformed and defined new target market segment compliment to the target market of its parents company, the Cambodia Post Bank PLc.


Transformed to Microfinance Institution

In August 11, 2015 Cambodian Association Development (CAD) received the microfinance license from National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) named Funan Microfinance Plc; and legally registered with other government authorities such as Ministry of Commerce in June 2015 and General Department of Taxation in July 2015. All assets and liabilities of the CAD had been transferred and received officially approval by the National Bank of Cambodia in August 11, 2015. In 2016, Funan Microfinance Plc had 49 branches, 733 employees, more than 30,311 clients and loan outstanding around US$ 10 Million.


As an NGO named Cambodian Association Development (CAD)

Funan Microfinance Plc. is the subsidiary company of Cambodia post bank Plc. established in July 2011 as an NGO named Cambodian Association Development (CAD) legally registered with Ministry of Interior to provide the quality micro-loan to the poor for developing their community. By the end of 2014, CAD had 49 branches, 821 staffs, more than 30,000 clients with loan outstanding around US$4 Million.