FUNAN Microfinance PLC – With FUNAN With Hope
  • To be more convenient with our business channels Countrywide.
Business Loan
  • FUNAN is always be your side by your partners to provide a professional financial solution and consultancy for your business creation and expansion.

Agriculture Loan
  • Agricultural loan is provided in any purposes including, investing in short term or long term plantations

Motorbike Loan
  • To see the motorbike is the basic need for Cambodian household for their traveling to work or study (for client’s children)

Car Loan
  • For car loan, we provide loan for all types, models, and manufactured year. Please contact us for more detail.

Consumption Loan
  • Multiple benefits and lifestyles with FUNAN consumption loan including home appliances, electronic devices and furniture,

Home Improvement Loan
  • Normally, the need of salaried person is to pay for improving their living standard depending on the regular wage.

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