Mid-Year Business Review 2024 – FUNAN Microfinance PLC

On 6th July 2024, FUNAN Microfinance Plc., organized Mid-year business review, for the first 6 months results review in 2024 and the way forward for second semester of the year at the Angkor Archaeological Park, Siem Reap province. We had discussed the results, challenges, solutions as well as defining key directions and road map as the way forward. Branch manager sharing session had been included while everyone has learnt from each other; especially from the good performed ones. At the same time, FUNAN and CP Bank had a joined team building activities in order to have a good relationship and friendliness of all management team as a CP-Bank family. The joined team building activities are—1. four kilometers of Fun Run, from Angkor Wat to Bayon, this activity had been reflected and concluded with “Never give up toward the goal”. 2. Gala dinner with 1960s style as everyone was very impressive and enjoyed.