Remarks of the CEO 

FUNAN Microfinance Plc. registered as subsidiary of Cambodia Post Bank plc and received the license from National Bank of Cambodia in August, 2015 offering financial solutions to Cambodian people both in town and rural area with its 51 Branches locating in provincial and district level. Our strategic shareholders are Canadia Investment Holding Plc. a well-known company in Cambodia with longer experience investment in banking and financial sectors in Cambodia and Fullerton Financial Holding The investment entity in Banking and financial sector in Asia Pacific, mostly in mass market segmentation.  

To see the market opportunity and micro financial needs of the poor people especially in the remote area and hard to access financial services from Banks or MDIs that is focusing on the higher income segmentation, our Shareholders start to invest and acquire FUNAN Microfinance Plc. The official share transfer was done in May 2017. In the transformational period, the sound organizational structure relative to corporate governance, risk management, internal audit, and regulatory compliance are set up to ensure the sustainable growth and profitability of FUNAN Microfinance Plc.  

Currently, FUNAN Microfinance Plc. is serving client of 27,800 borrowers, loan portfolio of US$15.7 million and total asset of US$17.4 million.

FUNAN contributes to social and economic development through the corporate social responsibility activities in the financial education which is a main key for improving living standards of Cambodian. We also play a crucial role in poverty reduction by providing financial assistance to enable customers in the rural regions to fulfill their business ambitions.  We will enlarge our Branches network, modernize our products and services to be convenient to our customers through introducing new technology and working cooperation with other business partners especially our parents company, the Cambodia Post Bank plc.

With a strong strategic shareholders in term financial support and technical experience in Financial Market locally and internationally these will gain trust from all stakeholders especially the customers. We are very thankful for your trust and keep using our financial products and services with FUNAN Microfinance Plc.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Khou Buntry
Chief Executive Officer