FUNAN Microfinance Plc., sets target to provide the Financial Education to students of secondary school in its 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility campaign – FUNAN Microfinance PLC

In its 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign—FUNAN Microfinance Plc., set target to provide Financial Education to students in the secondary schools in its operational areas. Defining students of secondary school especially in grade 8 and 9 for Financial Education of the FUNAN’s 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility campaign, because they can read, calculate and get more comprehensive understanding in social context, their individual family; then can be involved in their family financial goals setting. On the other hand, the student of secondary school, it is a big proportion of the community household sending their children to go to school as well as the strategy of Ministry of Education, Youth & Sport to encourage community to send their children to school at least to finish secondary school. The Financial Education with the main agenda of “Basic Knowledge of Family Financial Management” was also the topic of 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility which was targeted to FUNAN’s client households with almost 20,000 households were beneficiaries from the Campaign. To ensure the Financial Education contents were well-delivered to our clients and

clients’ households with expectation, in 2022, the key staffs were invited to join the training of trainer (ToT) before they were going to community. For 2023, FUNAN established 10,000 Financial Education handbooks “Basic Knowledge of Family Financial Management” with the following contents—1. Defining what is “WANT” and “Need”?, 2.Defining family financial goals, 3. Cash flow and Income & Expense Management, 4. Understanding on getting loan, 5. Table of Cash in/out flow for income and expense management. FUNAN was implementing the Campaign with 48 secondary schools under 48 branches and providing to 10,000 students. With our CSR campaign, we expect the students obtain additional knowledges on family financial management through their behavior changes, careful expenses, saving and assisting their parents to record of family cash flow in and out. This would be a life skill for their daily living and especially when they start up a new family in the future as a proverb—“learning at school, fruitfully happens in society” .