Agriculture Loan

Contributions to help farmers through the providing of capital source and flexible repayment modes based on crop seasonality, FUNAN has been established the Agriculture loan to provide customers in rural areas that lack of the capital to their agricultural occupations. Agriculture loan is for individuals/ Groups who have a specific purpose of using the loan for general agricultural activities such as: crop cre [...]

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Business Loan

Are you a small business owner and looking for opportunity to expand it? FUNAN small & medium Loan product is designed to help business that need funds for expanding equipment purchase, increase working capital and more.Client can apply for loan up to 20,000USD or 80,000,000 Riel or 800,000THB with maximum loan term 36 months by using the declining balance calculation method with declining and annuity repayment m [...]

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Personal Loan

Personal Loan is for individuals intending to purchase household equipment or personal items, such as a vehicle, a computer, some furniture, a refrigerator, a television, a generator, etc. They can also use this loan to pay for tuition fees for high school, technical school, university and post-graduate studies to enhance family's member capacity.

Client can apply for loan [...]

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